Our team consist of highly professional wildlife photographers and fishing guides. All of us have several years of experience in the field and travel all around the globe. Our team has many years of experience in the organization and realization of unique photographic safaris and fishing expeditions. We travel for you around the world to find the best places and destinations for your photography or fishing trip. We will guide you in person during your trip and take care of you ourselfes. During many years a lot of new friendships have grown so you will come as a client and leave as a friend!

Andreas Knausenberger


Position: CEO

SIGMA Wildlife Referenz Photographer

"For me, the fascination of photography is to preserve special moments and experiences for all eternity .... My passion is the travel and wildlife photography especially in Africa. The breathtaking scenery and its wild inhabitants have fascinated me from the first moment."

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Nira Shah Knausenberger

Position: Destination Manager

Countries: Kenya, Uganda

Nira will join you on most of your trips in Kenya. She is responsible for our logistics during your trip. Nira is born and raised in Kenya and as one of our photographers she will take care of you in Nairobi and in the Masai Mara. As Nira speaks Swahili, Gujurati and English she will be your help you with the planning of your trip.

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Gerhard ‘Guts’ Swanepoel

Position: Guest Workshopleader
Photo Safari: Migration with Pangolin Safaris

Guts has been running guided photo safaris around Southern Africa since 2002. In that time has managed to cover a staggering 1.2 million kilometers in his incredibly trustworthy Land Rover “Gutsy”. That experience combined with a degree in Adventure Tourism and a stint in the South African army’s elite photo reconnaissance unit has positioned Guts as one of the most sought after guides of his generation.

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Felix Rosenheimer

Position: Fishing Guide
Fishing Trip: Madagsacar, Panama

Felix Rosenheimer will support the Andree's Expeditions team as our new expedition leader starting next season. We will support you with all his knowledge during your expeditions. He has also experienced the Masai Mara and Tsavo East on his last trips to Africa.

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Florian Rosenheimer

Position: Fishing Guide
Fishing Trip: Madagsacar

Florian Rosenheimer has now joined us as our experienced fishing guide and expedition leader. He traveled with us several years around the world to look for new fishing spots. When it comes to tackle, he is your guy and will assist you before your next fishing adventure!

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Erik Klietsch

Position: Fishing Guide
Fishing Trips: Suriname, Peru

One of our newest team member and tour leader is Erik Klietsch. He fished with us in many different countries before. Now he will be your expedition tour leader in Suriname and Peru! Erik knows a lot about photography and will assist you with all his knowlage on your upcoming fishing expedition.

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