Andreas Knausenberger


Position: CEO

SIGMA Wildlife Referenz Photographer

"For me, the fascination of photography is to preserve special moments and experiences for all eternity .... My passion is the travel and wildlife photography especially in Africa. The breathtaking scenery and its wild inhabitants have fascinated me from the first moment."

Countries visited: Europe, Gambia, Gabon, Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Botsuana, Sambia, Simbabwe, Namibia, South Africa, Morocco, USA, Cuba, China, Indonesia, Madagascar, Venezuela, Ecuador, Egypt, Peru, Suriname, Komodo, Panama, West Papua, Colombia, Vanuatu, Australia...

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  • Book Articles: DMAX - Angel Abenteuer für echte Kerle - Weltweit - Müller Rüschlikon Verlag, Germany
  • Africa Geographic Feature - Wild African Yoga - Elephants play time & Dead Wildebeest
  • One Eyeland Photography Awards 2016 - Bronze Winner - Giraffe Giving Birth
  • "Monster Fish" - Japanese TV Production - Drone footage Suriname, 2016
  • Pictures - The photo magazin: Leopards are an illusion, September 2016
  • Helicopter Charter East Africa: Corporate Images, Kenya
  • Photokina 2016: Wildlife pictures for SIGMA stall - Cologne, Germany
  • Shutterstock Contributor
  • BBC Wildlife Photographer of the year 2015 - Final round entry
  • METRO Magazin: Giraffe giving birth - London, England
  • THE TIMES: Giraffe giving birth - London, England
  • Africa Geographic: Giraffe giving birth - online
  • National Geographic Germany: Pangaea Young Explorers; Zavelstein, Germany
  • Photokina Fare: Wildlife pictures for SIGMA stall - Cologne, Germany
  • Otto Hoffmanns Verlag GmbH: Patienten Journal Reise & Gesundheit, Gambia pictures; Munich, Germany
  • Escapades Ltd.: Corporate Images of Kilima Camp, Masai Mara, Kenya
  • Tawi Lodge Ltd.: Corporate Images of Tawi Lodge, Amboseli, Kenya
  • Watamu Property Services: Images holiday homes, Watamu, Kenya
  • Book Author: Abenteuer Welsangeln, Müller Rüschlikon Verlag, Germany


  • Guide and photo instructor, Pangolin Migration Safari - Masai Mara 2018
  • Guide and SIGMA Workshop instructor, SIGMA Workshop - Big Five Safari - Masai Mara 2017
  • Headguide "Monster Fish" - Japanese TV Production in Suriname 2016
  • Headguide Pangolin Photography Safari - The Great Migration - Masai Mara 2016
  • Guide and SIGMA Workshop instructor, SIGMA Workshop - Botswana, Namibia, SA 2016
  • Guide and SIGMA Workshop instructor, SIGMA Workshop - Big Five Safari - Masai Mara & Amboseli 2015
  • Guide and SIGMA Workshop instructor, SIGMA Workshop - The big Migration - Masai Mara 2014
  • Guide and SIGMA Workshop instructor, SIGMA Workshop - The big Migration - Masai Mara 2013
  • Guide and Workshop instructor - Extrakt Exclusiv Travel Ltd. - The big Migration - Masai Mara 2012
  • Photography workshop instructor - National Geographic Germany - Pangea Project, Mike Horn
  • Photography workshop instructor - Pangea Project, Mike Horn

Andreas Knausenberger was born on October 3rd 1982 in Villingen Black Forest, Germany and soon developed his passion for photography and adventure travel. Andreas already discovered the photography in his adolescence. What initially had been a hobby, became the profession and so in addition to his academic studies he worked as a freelance photographer. During his studies of Sports Sciences in Stuttgart he travelled a lot. In addition to Asia and America, he in particular visited the African continent and found his new home in Kenya. His passion led him into the sport fishing world on many different and mostly remote and unusual places. Later the countries where he experienced, people and adventures should lead to his special travel agency which offers individual and fishing trips as well as photo safaris in Africa, South America and Asia since 2010.

“As a photographer I have been independent since 2010. After my studies I worked in the marketing of a wholesale company. However, I made an objective. Should I ever reach the point where I wake up in the morning being tired of this kind of work, I would get independent. It was not long before when this point had been reached. So I was self-employed as a photographer.

At that time, I worked as a freelance photographer for the event agency Roth & Lorenz in Stuttgart. Customers had been Coca Cola, Daimler Benz, National Geographic Germany, Procter & Gamble, and other large companies. In addition to the event photography I focused quickly on the Wildlife - and Outdoor photography. For the Pangea Project of extreme athlete Mike Horn and Mercedes Benz, I photographed in the Alps for several days and realized that this area of photography was the right choice for me.

With the establishment of the travel agency "Extrakt Exclusiv Travel Ltd.", also in 2010, I laid the foundation stone for supervised photo trips to Africa. Those found very good approval, and so the event photography moved more and more into the background. From 2011 on, I ran some photo workshops in Kenya and Uganda, and then permanently settled in Nairobi, Kenya in 2011. In 2013 I realized the SIGMA Photo Safaris in collaboration with SIGMA Germany. Those already go into the fourth round in 2017.

Most customers book private, individual and photo safaris, guided by myself, to Kenya and other African countries. The customers get a detailed insight into the world of wildlife photography and spend most of the time in the Bush for a week or more, to learn and to improve their photographic skills. I also supervise some guided photo tours to Kenya, Uganda, Botswana and South Africa each year. In those groups, participants learn a lot about the world of animal photography in Africa as team members.”