"Andreas, we would like to say thank you for your amazing effort and engagement, which made this safari a highlight in our lives!"Family Kastl - SIGMA Safari - Kenya 2017

"The third SIGMA Photo Safari was again held in Kenya in May 2015. As we have done twice this photographic safari during the Migration, we wanted to do something different this time. So we went with our six clients to the Masai Mara and the Amboseli national park. The clients experienced a fantastic time in the Mara with all the big five including a really nice close up leopard sighting. In Amboseli we could take great pictures of the big elephant herds infront of the mighty Kilimanjaro. A great photo safari with ingenious participants and amazing photos at the end!"SIGMA Safari - Kenya 2015

"Probably one of the best photo safaris we have ever experience! The photographic workshop guided by Andreas Knausenberger Beat and Diana went to the Aberdares, Samburu and the legendary Masai Mara. The migration was still in full swing and so both clients experienced several crossings, a leopard live kill and at the end a lion double kill on a Crossing. On top of that we also photographed cute Serval babies and saw a couple of cheetahs hunting... What should we say? Even for us this was one of the best photo workshops we have ever experienced! "Beat & Diana - Kenya 2015

"The second SIGMA Photo Safari took again place during the Great Animal Migration in September 2014 in Kenya. All of the ten participants had a fantastic time in the Masai Mara and experienced one of the best destinations for wildlife photography first hand. All participants could take many photos to took home a lot of unique memories!"

SIGMA Safari - Kenya 2014

"The first SIGMA Photo Safari took place in September 2013 in the Masai Mara, Kenya. The workshop was guided by Andreas Knausenberger and SIGMA product manager Harald Bauer. The first SIGMA Photo Safari took the participants to the legendary wildebeest migration and one of the new world wonders. A total of ten participants learned everything about the wildlife photography in Africa during the six days in the Masai Mara!"SIGMA Safari - Kenya 2013

"With a group of twelve young adventures, we realized a camping safari in Tsavo West & East. The participants were sleeping under the stars and visited the most spectacular spots in the national parks. From Lake Jipi we went north passing the spectacular volcanic landscape of Tsavo West. After six days, we reached the Mzira Springs and crossed over into the Tsavo East national park. The focus of the Safari was the wildlife photography and to experience an "authentic" safari adventure. The participants cooked on an open fire, and learned all about survival in the bush. After our great time in the bush we went to Malindi on the coast where some participants successfully completed their diving licenses. Others went deep sea fishing and enjoying the crystal clear waters of the Indian ocean."

Beach & Bush Safari - Kenya 2011

"One reason why I go on tour with you is the amazing full service you get for your money. Other providers often can't provide this excellent service you do. Even if fishing is difficult some times the good company and amazing destinations makes each tour fun. I'm looking forward to next spring when I join another amazing expedition to Gabon! Keep it up!"
Ralf Mantej - Kenya 2013, 2014, 2016, Venezuela 2014, Uganda 2015, Ecuador 2016, Gabon 2017

"You guys offer a nice and quick advice before booking the trip. Super organization during the trip and a very good service as well. All in all a great holiday with great people which are as crazy as you are when it comes to fishing. Each holiday with you is a lifelong memory and worth remembering! The only drawback is probably that since the first trip I joined, travelling with you is incredibly addictive. That's why I have already booked three more trips with you which will be fore sure not the last ones!"

Marcus Becker - Venezuela 2015, Kenya 2015, Panama 2016, Vanuatu 2016, Gabon 2017

"Everything was well organized and worked from the first until the last moment. The whole goup was always in a good mood, no matter how busy how intense and challanging the expedition was. Amazing memories which will stay forever ..."

Ben Boden - Uganda 2011, Amazonia 2014

"Super all-inclusive service, excellent tour guides & fishing guides, top location's and aditional options before and after the fishing days. I also want to underline the amazing photo / video documentation. 5 star recommendation! "

Nico Kuphal - Kenya 2013, 2015, Madagascar 2014, Panama 2016, Vanuatu 2016

"Madagascar! A top destination you will never forget. Amazing and friendly team. Whether the leading guide or the staff in the office. Great service, it's just all super planned and coordinated. The total package is simply amazing!"

Benjamin Heid - Madagsacar 2013, 2016
"To travel with you are always ending in unforgettable memories! Top organized and planned and with super cool guides with which you can have a lot of fun. On top of that you always have the hottest and coolest destinations. I am looking forward to many more trips with you and am really excited to go to Madagascar with you in March 2017! Thank you again Andi and Ralf! "

Roman Kienast - Suriname 2014, Ecuador 2016, Madagascar 2017

„I really doesn't realized what I have missed by only fishing in Europe...“

Carsten Zeck - Suriname 2014

"Simply unbeliviable! The scenery, the fishing ... incredible!!! "

Johannes Krocker - Venezuela 2014, Uganda 2015, Ecuador 2016

"Excellent planned trips with expert guides and super travel companions! Very good video and photo documentation!"

Sven Stecher - Kenya 2013, Amazonia 2014