New Vehicle Modifications

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In the upcoming season we will use our newly modified Landcruisers. We have changed several Landcruisers over the last weeks to be more convenient for photographers. Therefore we have removed the sliding windows and replaces them with a canvas modular system. This will allow the photographers to use even bigger lenses without and space issues. On top we have insalled a bean bag bar which will be fittet with an additional wood planket as well. It will also have a trip pod mount as well.

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Extrakt Travel GmbH founded

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At the beginning of this year, we finally changed our company from the Extrakt Exclusiv Travel Ltd. to the Extrakt Travel GmbH. It took us quite some time and a lot of work to do the change, but now we are proud of the new company form.

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Giraffengeburt in der Masai Mara

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The complete photo series of a giraffe giving birth in the Mara Triagle. The whole series was captured by Andreas Knausenberger. What an amazing and rare experience. She took 30 mins to give birth and the baby took approximately 30 mins to stand up. The whole giraffe family welcomes the baby, such an amazing moment to watch. You can find all the pictures on our photography page: Africa Wildlife Photography